Visit Ecuador – Tipping in Ecuador Explained
How much do I tip in Ecuador? Do I even tip while I am in Ecuador? Yes, you do tip when you visit Ecuador. Here are some of the times and amounts you should tip when you travel to Ecuador. Of note the official currency of Ecuador is the US Dollar, and of course tipping is a personal decision, but in a country like Ecuador tips (even small tips) can make a major impact for your service staff.

Restaurants: Taxes and Service are usually included in the bill or the price of your food. However, not all restaurants put the service and tax on. Your best bet is to tip an additional 5% on top of the final bill. Leave the tip as cash to make it easier for the waiter. You also make sure the waiter gets the money and do not just leave the tip on the table and leave.

Tour Guides: Tours in Ecuador are great and we have found Ecuador to have some of the best guides around. You tip about $10 per day per person for a full day tour. About $5-8 per day per person for a half day tour.

Tour Drivers: You tour driver receives about half of what you tip your tour guide. Typically about $5 per person per day.

Taxis: You do not tip taxis in Ecuador. You pay the fair that is displayed on your meter. Make sure you use only official taxis. So ask your hotel to call one for you if you do need one. You can round up the bill to the next 50 cents or $1.00 to make it easier with change.

Hotel Cleaning Staff: Leave $2-$5 per day on the bed when you leave for the day. This significantly helps the cleaning staff and we have found leads to a very tidy room and even more helpful service. Leave closer to $5 if you have a bigger room or a family room.

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