I Try Competitive Eating For a Day ft. Rainaiscrazy

Tried a FOOD CHALLENGE eating 10 POUNDS OF HOTPOT FOODS with competitive eater Raina Huang. Subscribe for more food videos here: https://goo.gl/bergHT

Watch the FULL eating challenge on Raina’s channel: https://youtu.be/POnx6ph_sFo

I try becoming a competitive eater and GOSH is it HARD. I love eating but this was something else! Raina and I tackled the hotpot food challenge at Shabu Slice in Huntington Beach. It included (each):

3 LBS of Beef
1 LB of Chicken
1 LB of Noodles
Rice, Veggies, Chicken Karage and Ice Cream

I failed the challenge heheh but Raina killed it! Thank you Raina for showing us what life as a competitive eater/food challenger youtuber is like! I knew I would never be able to finish a challenge but I wanted to make this video to share Raina’s story and to share a glimpse of the food challenge world. Thanks so much for watching! Also don’t go trying this at home…hahah ?

#foodchallenge #competitiveeating #competitiveeater #eatingcontest #foodchallenger


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