Visit Salt Spring Island, noted as a top destination by NY Times

Salt Spring Island in British Columbia is truly a nature lovers’ paradise. This is a place that the New York Times noted as a “top destination“! And we couldn’t agree more! Salt Spring is an eclectic and popular Gulf Island, with residents from all walks of life. It is the golden diamond of the Southern Gulf Islands.  Salt Spring Island is on the west coast of Canada, nestled up against the east side of beautiful Vancouver Island, between Vancouver and Victoria.

In today’s video: You choose what to see as we explore Chemainus and Salt Spring Island on Canada’s west coast! We get some good food, check out a farmers market, and find world famous murals.

Chemainus: Founded as an unincorporated logging town in 1858, Chemainus is now famous for its 39 outdoor murals. This outdoor gallery has given birth to many businesses, including a theatre, antiques dealers, and eateries. The tourist industry stemming from the murals helped rejuvenate the town after its large sawmill closed in the early 1980s and was replaced by a smaller, more efficient, mill. Source: Wikipedia

I have memories of walking the cliffs of Ruckle Provincial Park with my father, kicking the moss off the rocks with my red gumboots and searching the horizon for whales. In the fall, I recall playing Snakes & Ladders in the community centre, Beaver Point Hall, as the rain lashed down on the 100-year-old ceiling, and eating homemade blackberry pies fresh from the oven every summer. And I remember racing through the idyllic orchards that surrounded our home, stopping to pick a single, perfectly tart apple.

Source: Theglobeandmail

Salt spring island, top destination

Discover The Farmers Market in the summer

A top destination needs also to have a good market. The Village Market takes place between the hours of 8:30 am and 3:30 pm from mid-March until the last Saturday of October rain or shine. Held at Centennial Park right in Ganges on Salt Spring Island, BC, the “farmers market” has become a major event right through the summer, attracting both locals and visitors to the island.


A top destination and nature lovers paradise

With amazing coastal and pastoral scenery and the moderate climate, a huge number of activities can be comfortably pursued all months of the year. From walking tours along pristine beaches to challenging uphill hikes, the vistas, the colorful flora and fauna are always inspiring. Surrounded by the mainly sheltered waterways of the Pacific Ocean’s Salish Sea, this Gulf Island archipelago offers countless opportunities to explore the marine world.

Where to eat in Salt Spring Island?

There are more than 30 restaurants, coffee shops and pubs on Salt Spring, which together serve a huge selection of food in every budget category from cheap to exclusive dining. All kind of people will be taken care of at the restaurants. Most cater to kids, vegetarians and people with food allergies. The food quality is great as many use local and organic ingredients. One thing is common for all the restaurants at Salt Spring – almost all of them have spectacular views.

Where to stay in Salt Spring?

The Salt Spring Accommodation Group (SSAG) offers private cottages, cabins, suites, hotel rooms, and traditional bed and breakfasts to relax in after a day of exploring our island. If you require child friendly, pet friendly, and wheelchair accessible accommodations, we have those too! We encourage you to book early for busy times (holidays, summer months, and weekends). We also suggest you consider extending your stay. Guests often tell us “there’s so much to do here, I wish we had booked longer”.

When is the best time to visit Salt Spring?

Every time of the year has its charms from the spring where the blossoms and baby lambs abound to summer with the amazing beaches and open air famous Saturday Market, where everything is grown, baked, made or foraged on Salt Spring Island. During autumn when the seasons change, join the legendary Fall Fair at a food and drink event. During winter’s cool embrace, we have celebrations to keep you warm including the February Festival, full of arts and culture, family events and couple’s retreats. And Christmas is also celebrated in a very special way on Salt Spring.

Paddle Boarding in Salt Spring

Stand up paddle boarding is a refreshing way to explore Salt Spring Island’s many calm ocean waters. Water sport, SUP boarding has its beginnings in Hawaii, as a way for 60’s surf instructors to help teach their students. Stand up paddle boards look a lot like normal surfboards, but are built longer and wider to allow the paddler to stand easily and paddle with a canoe-like paddle. Paddlers are connected to the board by an ankle leash. The fun-factor of surfing combined with canoeing’s ease of use gives the stand up paddle board a wider appeal. Check out more things to do on the official site of Salt Spring Tourism.

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