Have you ever heard of Holi which is celebrated massively in India? What is Holi? Holi is when they celebrate the end of winter and the arrival of spring! Holi has its roots in stories from Indian mythology. Spring is getting closer in most parts of the world. Why not celebrate the spring? Did you know India celebrates spring with a super colorful festival?

How do Indian people celebrate Holi?

In modern time, Holi celebrations, Holika’s cremation is often reenacted by lighting bonfires on the night before Holi. Some Hindus collect the ashes and smear them on their bodies as an act of purification. The next day is an all-day affair where people throw and smear colored powder on each other. Sounds fun right? Have a look at this amazing video from the color festival of India!

Discover this colorful celebration of spring in India

If we should wrap this up, Indian Holi is a great way to celebrate the spring. Check out this amazing video from our cool travel vloggers for a closer look at the exciting Color Festival, India’s way to say: Good bye, Winter!

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Celebrating the Hindu festival of color in New Delhi, HOLI! The start of spring and the start of my Contiki tour around India!

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