Brazilian Food – 5 Foods You MUST EAT in Brazil

Comida Brasileira, Brazilian Food! Brazil is full of delicious meats, fruits, and specialties. Here we go through six overall tasty treats you should have when you come to Brazil. The best of Brazilian food, so you know what to eat when you visit Brazil.
1. The Lanches: the snacks like Pao de Quiejo (cheese bread), Coixinha do Frango (fried chicken dough ball), and such that go great with a Chop (draft beer) or a Caipirinha (the local Brazilian mixed drink), and if you don’t like alcohol the drink of brazil is Guarana.
2. The Meats: Brazil is full of great meat and the most famous meats you will have at a Rodizio or Chrassasco. Here they walk around with many different types of meats from chicken hearts to ribs, but the most important is Picanha, a specific kind of Brazilian cut of meat.
3. The Fruits: Brazil is full of amazing fruit and many you might not have heard of. Visit a market and try fruit you never saw before and have juices made fresh just for you.
4. The Sweets: those fruits go well into many of the bolos (cakes) that are in Brazil, but if you want some chocolate have Brigadeiro, a chocolate made with sweetened condense milk. There are also traditional favorites like doce de leite (cream caramel) or doce de abobara (sweetness of pumpkin).
5. The Local Dishes: each region in Brazil has its own specialities so make sure you are trying what is popular where you are. The south is famous for its beef. The northeast is great for seafood. Bahia has acaraje a bean paste taco kind of dish with shrimp inside. Sao Paulo has its own mortadella/bologna sandwich, or chicken cooked in its own blood in Minas Gerais.
6. Beans and Rice: beans and rice will appear on the menu again and again and even if you didn’t order them expect beans and rice. They are a staple of the Brazilian food culture. Some typical dishes that highlight these are Caldo de Feijao which is a bean soup/stew dish you have as a starter. Feijoada which is the Brazilian bean stew you will have served with rice, kovi, fried banana and with a ice cold chop (beer).
Filmed in the Mercado Municipal in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Copyright Mark Wolters 2018

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