The Children Channel aka TCC ident was really awesome in 1987

On 1st of September 1984, The Childrens Channel aka TCC started to broadcast. It was a British childrens channel that lasted for many years. It lasted until October 1998 in Britain and a TCC Nordic version of the channel managed to last until October 2000.

Fantastic TCC intro from 1987

Launched in 1984 and went on air until 2000

The Children’s Channel launched in 1984, almost exclusively to cable households owing to the low proliferation of domestic satellite dishes in the UK and Europe at the time, and originally operated by Starstream who were backed by British Telecom, DC Thomson, Thames Television and Thorn EMI.

In March 1989, the channel started airing free-to-air on Astra 1A, airing between 05:00 and 10:00 on weekdays and between 05:00 and 12:00 on weekends, time-sharing with Lifestyle. At the very same time it also broadcasted of the Astra 1B-satellite in 1991, when the channel expanded to broadcast until 20.00 each day, when the Japanese channel called JSTV broadcasted thru the night.

In 1990, Flextech acquired its first stake in the company, beating United Artists Cable International to gain a stake. Within a year, United bought its own stake in The Children’s Channel and won the management contract to run it. In autumn of 1993, Flextech held talks with Tele-Communications (TCI) and acquired TCI’s European programming business in exchange for shares.

The Children’s Channel aka TCC was one of the best children channels ever made. Together with Kindernet they ruled the children tv market 1990-1995. A channel that I watched almost everyday.


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