Knight Rider Intro is a WoW factor

When I say David Hasselhoff, Kitt and action? Now that’s Knight Rider. A spectacular action series from 1982. This series about a talking car and it’s driver Michael Knight, gave David Hasselhoff a popularity boost by dimensions. Knight Rider went on almost all sorts of tv channels in 1980s and also in early 1990.

Many Episodes and Many Seasons

Knight Rider went for 90 Episodes and went for 4 Seasons, before David Hasselhoff became an actor in Baywatch, which he is also became very famous for. However, people it is Knight Rider that most of people remember David Hasselhoff for, as it is a tv-show with way more sense than Baywatch. Knight Rider had the right mystery, great action and also great crimefighter scenes.

For many Knight Rider fans, this series by Universal got one of the best ident’s ever made that a tv show its kind can have. Here we bring it from a user crashb648 on YouTube! A fantastic crime series, with a special car that have AI and many different weapons! The artificially intelligent supercar is one of a kind and in the 1980s, this was top of the hill. That car was the future!

Watch the Documentary about Knight Rider for more Knowledge about it!

In this documentary, David Hasselhoff explains how he got into this show about “a talking car…!” Knight Rider is a gem and shouldn’t be forgotten. Epic series for sure. Here in Scandianavia, TV3 was broadcasting it! In Germany it went many years on RTL and so on! Fantastic show!

So, go ahead and watch it. You won’t regret it

There have been many attempts in getting Knight Rider back to the television. However, the last one got cut because of a Hollywood strike. This nextgen Knight Rider was great, but David Hasselhoff only had bi-rolls. David Hasselhoff should be the main guy and I am still wondering about Michael etc.


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