Kindernet from 1988 ads

Kindernet was a Dutch language television channel aimed at children. It started up in 1988, broadcasted in the mornings but reached whole Europe on satellite and even thru cable networks at that time.

Nice opening Kindernet clip here

Since 1st of March 1988 until 1st of September 2003. Then continued under Nickelodeon name until 1st of November 2013.

Kindernet got Relaunched in 2013

On 4th of April 2011, MTV re-launched Kindernet. It took over the TMF slot and from then on time-sharing with Comedy Central. On 1st of October 2012 Kindernet had to decrease its airtime in favor of Comedy Central. It used to broadcast between 06.00 to 15.00, later to be reduced to between 06.00 and 09.00. Kindernet closed on 1st of November 2013 totally, making Comedy Central a 24 hours channel.

Its sad see channels go under. Some of the television leaders doesnt see the quality and changes the channel too many times and in the end people loose interest. If you have a great logo.. Don’t change it too much or else people will become detached to your product or production.


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