Dogtanian intro sits in everyones minds! We’ll make sure it doesn’t leave

TV3 here in Scandinavia started early with broadcasting many great cartoons in the mornings and evenings. Thanks to this channel, I know Dogtanian which is a brilliant cartoon from 1981. But as years passed, I got to know it went viral other places too. One thing that most people seem to remember about this cartoon is Dogtanian getting angry and his nose glowing red! Do you?

Here is the famous Dogtanian intro

Such a great cartoon from a time when cartoons could have deaths without consequences

Dogtanian is such a good cartoon, so much better than most nowadays made cartoons. Today, Ridiculous unknownd force is forcing producers to show no actual violence or death in cartoons, where violence clearly does take place. The only thing THAT teaches kids is that you can swing swords at each other and shoot at each other and no one ever gets hurt. Dogtanian is a cartoon that got it right. Two people died in the first few episodes 😀 Just like Highlander the animated series. No blood, no gore, but realism. Kudos.

A very good cartoon made in co-operation between Spain and Japan that is missed on TV for sure. But bunch of Scooby Doo cartoons is okay to broadcast?… ! Check out more about this fantastic cartoon on Dogtanian website that we recommend everyone to visit which loved and still loves this cartoon.

Dogtanian website
Disvida Own Experience

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