Amazing Discovery Channel closedown

For a long time, Discocvery Channel in Europe was a tiny one, but also much loved one! Their idents were amazingly done, which you can see on the clip here.

Discovery Channel Closedown Music

Fantastic TV channel that is totally damaged in 2017
I hope you enjoy the ethereal extravagant music, that Discovery had on their program schedule and idents back in the 1990s. Even though it’s less than half a minute, you notice how professionally this is made. The singing gives me hair standing as its soo beautifully done. The Discovery Channel was a small channel which broadcasted only in the evenings after TLC (The Learning Channel) in Europe, but had Beyond 2000 and other much loved programs that actually teached you a lot. Today Discovery Channel feels like theyre just after money and not viewers at all. There is simply nothing to watch on Discovery Channel today. Which is a shame! Because the name is so powerful that the company behind it should rewind a bit and look back on what actually made Discovery Channel so great!

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